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About Stowupland Falcons FC

Stowupland Falcons FC can trace its roots back to the late 1800’s.

Today the Club operates as a single youth and adult community football club, providing football for all those who wish to take part, only limited by our facilities and those in the surrounding area.

We provide coaching of football to children aged 4 and upwards and provide adult football up to veterans (35+). We provide male and female football, along with mixed teams in our youth age groups. Our Club philosophy drives us to act as one Club, meaning everything we do focuses on how it benefits the whole Club, not one individual.

Our committee are dedicated to providing the best of grassroots football in Suffolk by keeping our subscriptions low and quality of coaching to the highest possible level.

We are proud to be a FA Charter Standard Development Club, winning Suffolk FA Development Club of the Year in 2013 and 2014.

Key Facts

  • 3 teams competing in Suffolk & Ipswich League
  • 12 teams competing in Ipswich and Suffolk Youth Football league
  • 3 teams competing in Suffolk Womens and Girls League
  • 1 team competing in Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans League
  • 2 foundation teams catering from ages 4-9

Recent Achievements

  • 2015/16 Adult Reserves Int C Runners-up
  • 2015/16 Under 13 Girls Cup Winners
  • 2015/16 Under 12 Blues KO Cup Winners
  • 2015/16 Under 15’s KO Cup Winners
  • 2015/16 Under 16’s Div 2 Champions
  • 2014/15 Adult Reserves Div 4 Runners-up
  • 2014/15 Adult Reserves Club Cup Cup winners
  • 2014/15 Under 13 Yellow – League Champions
  • 2014/15 Under 13 Yellow – KO Cup winners

Club Committee

  • Chairman : Pete Mayhew
  • Vice Chairman : Vacant
  • Secretary : Carolyn Campbell
  • Treasurer : Tracey Sheppard
  • Football Development : Mark Dye
  • Adult Section : Shaun Peachment
  • Youth Section – boys : Clive Maskall
  • Youth Section – girls : Wayne Middlemas
  • Club Development : Tim Mills
  • Village Hall Trustee : Nigel Waspe
  • Fundraising : Julie Eves
  • Kit and equipment : Simon Church
  • Football Foundation : Colin Herbert
  • Welfare Officer : Trevor Fishlock
  • Charter Standard : Marcos Toffanello
  • Sports and Social Club : Vacant

Club Philosophy

Fair Playing time : Fair playing time is a core value. We don’t believe anyone develops by standing on the sidelines. That said, it is about the effort that players put in and their attitude on and off the pitch. Turning up at training and joining in, listening to the coaches, respecting other players, respecting officials are also part of the deciding factors for fair playing times. Skills alone will not give you pitch time!

Attitude to Compete : We want every player to demonstrate the attitude to compete. Even against those sides where it is unlikely to get a result, football should be about learning and developing and taking small victories to boost and maintain team spirit and constant development. having the right attitude is paramount. Compete fairly, with passion and with RESPECT is absolute key to Falcons.

Love playing for the Club : We want every player to love playing for the Club. We want players who are committed to the team, to the overall effort, and then most of all, enjoy playing for the Club. Creating the environment where this can happen is critical to our success, and the Club and it’s committee are focused on this.

Commitment from all : Being committed is more than just turning up at match days. We want players and families taking part and putting in effort to support the players, the team, the Club and individuals. commitment brings success, and success breeds success both on and off the playing field. Just helping at match days, or training, or social events helps our Club operate better for everyone.

One team, One Club :

One team, one Club represents the fact that whilst each players may play for a team, it’s only when all our teams are successful, is our Club successful and a successful Club brings better facilities and development for every team.

Each and every team needs to be successful in order for the Club as a whole to be successful, and we strive to do that throughout support and infrastructure we put in place to support all our teams.

Nurturing Talent : We strive to ensure that talent is nurtured to the best possible extent whilst it is within our control. We will attempt to recognise talent and ensure we do everything possible to continue that development in the interest of the player.

Show RESPECT to ALL : The FA RESPECT campaign is at the heart of the Club’s code of conduct and our expectations for players, parents, officials and visitors. We expect RESPECT from all to ALL. We must remember we are all volunteers, we are hall human, this is grassroots football, it is supposed to be enjoyable to all.