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This site will allow you to register as a player for Stowupland Falcons FC for the 2021/22 season


The following pages will guide you through the Club signing on/registration process. You may already have completed a league registration form, but this process is for you to become a member of Stowupland Falcons Football Club.

The purpose of the registration is three fold :

  • Register with the Club
  • Register with the Sports and Social Club
  • Understand and agree to abide by the FA's RESPECT and our Club's code of conduct

A copy of the Code of Conduct and Club Philosophy will be sent to you via email during the registration process. You need to make time to read these. You will also find a copy of our Club handbook which contains these documents on our main website.

These documents have been produced to give you a clear understanding of what Stowupland Falcons Football Club expects from our players, spectators, managers and coaches, officials, and volunteers. It also details some of the policies and procedures the Club will operate by. We would like to draw your attention to a new section on the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Please take the time to read these as you will need to acknowledge and agree to abide to them as part of the signing on process.

The final part of the signing on process is the payment of the Club subscription. This amount needs to be paid by, or on, the Club signing on day, more information is available from your Manager.

Fees 2021/22 season

The following fees apply for this season:

Team Team Size Annual Fee
Saturday : Under 12 Yellow 9 70
Sunday : Under 14 11 75
Sunday : Under 15 11 75
Saturday : Under 8 Blue 5 65
Sunday : Under 18 Yellow 11 80
Saturday : Under 8 Yellow 5 65
Saturday : Under 13 Yellow 11 75
Saturday : Under 13 Blue 11 75
Saturday : Under 12 Blues 9 70
Saturday : Adults A Team 11 85
Sunday : Under 11 Girls 7 70
Sunday : Under 16 Girls 11 75
Sunday : Under 10 Yellow 7 65
Sunday : Womans 11 85
Saturday : Under 11 Yellow 9 70
Sunday : Under 13 Girls 9 70
Sunday : Under 11 Blue 9 70
Saturday : Adults Reserves 11 85
Saturday : Adults First 11 85
Saturday : Under 9 7 65

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